Land in…. HAPPYLAND!

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Happy hour every  day!2563400_orig

Happiness lesson No1
Hey! If you’re waiting for Robert Pattinson or Megan Fox to call you and ask you to hang out, then you will be waiting for a reeeeally long time! You don’t have to have your happiness like it’s a clothe that you wear only in special occasions, instead of that have it like your favourite jeans. Give yourself a happy hour every day! How to do that? Just do stuff that make you feel good.

Happiness lesson No2
Sometimes you just want to break everything – even your laptop or your cellphone, to close your room’s door that way so that it will make a loud noise to show your parents or your sister/brother that you have had enough of their bullshit, some other times you want to face down on your pillow and cry till the end of the world.

I bet that these times look familiar to you, right?- except if when you were a little girl/ boy your parents threw you into this magic potion that makes you happy forever.

The point is that now that you just want to die, because of your parents not letting  you go to that party with your friend’s car, the next week will look like it was just a dream and you will be getting ready for the next party. So the drama that you live today will look like a joke in some days and you will be saying it to your friends and laughing- isn’t that right too?

That is because sadness and misery, come and go, so just keep saying that to yourself and you’ll see that in less than a month you will be thinking positively and nothing will be able to bring you down.

Happiness lesson No3
Celebrate your achievements!
Surely you’ve noticed that some people don’t consider the good that are happening to them. The take 20 in mark out of 20 in the most difficult test for example maths and they are like ”oh” and when you ask them ”how did you do?” they hide their test so that nobody will see that they got 20. WTF? If I could  do that well in maths I would be dancing and singing all over the classroom. Actually that’s my point haha  these people act like if they celebrate for their achievements they will have to pay a happiness tax.

Hellooo? If you don’t celebrate for your achievements it’s like you eat chocolate and being miserable (that makes sense to me haha). Is it possible eating chocolate and being miserable at the same time? NO! except if your boyfriend  broke up with you, then you’re crying even when you have 24 in mark out of 20 :P.

Well okay, I never said that you should go out and start saying to everyone that your crush asked you to go out with him, just with letting your happiness shine you make it double or even triple. So better go out with your friends and pay for hot chocolates or ice-cream. Or upload on facebook the pictures of you that came first in the modelling competition on the internet, or even ask your friends to come and sunbathe next of the pool that’s  in the garden of your new home, all these things show thankfulness for the goods that are happening to you and you make the universe to send you some more :D isn’t that cool? I’ve read ”the secret” for times because I always end up being miserable after a while haha.

Happiness lesson No4
There are always some good parts in every bad situation.
”ALWAYS LOOK ON THE BRIGHT SIDE OF LIFE” if you’ve ever seen this video clip then you know that the one that is singing is  nailed to the cross just like Jesus, what else worse could have happened to him eh? Another example, your girlfriend or boyfriend broke up with you after two weeks of the beginning of your relationship? That’s ermmm yes it’s good haha because at least you didn’t get tied with someone that didn’t deserve you! Just see the bright side of life and stop seeing your glass like half empty it’s full enough to let you wet everyone that makes you sad.

Happiness lesson No5
British use to say ” got a problem? Sleep on it! ” So what? they tell us to put our problems under our bedsheets and sleep on them? Ermm yeah, kind of. Actually  they suggest you to trust your problems’s solutions to hypnotherapy! Even the smallest problems look like they’re huge sometimes ( like that new pimple on your right cheek one day before the prom night), when you’re full of stress or tired. With sleep, you letting yourself relax,  cells to be renewed and your brain will work properly. The next morning, you will be happier and you will find easier ways to change what makes you sad, angry, stressed.

Happiness lesson No6

Waiting for the good to come
Some ages ago, people used to believe that luck is a flying insect that was accidentally stumbling  to random people. Nowadays who wants to be happy has to just bring  happiness like a magnet. But how will you send the right waves there so that happiness will come in your life? Just make positive thoughts, according to Rhonda Byrne who’s the writer of the book ”the secret” that there’s as a DVD too who says that happiness knocks the doors of them that are waiting for it. What you have to do is really simple.

Do you want your crush to notice you or ermm do you want your mum to find a job? just think of it happening before you sleep or when you’ll open your eyes in the morning ( exactly those hours because then we are relaxed and our subconscious is activated.  And it is easier to intervene effectively into your fate), just think of you and that guy or girl walking together around the school or kissing.
Our thoughts determine our fate! That’s because of the waves that our thoughts send to university making it possible to be in this situation, kissing our crush.

I will give you an example…
A year before, I added Adam on facebook.
We were talking once a week because I was too shy and I couldn’t speak English that well. But I started liking him and I’ve been dreaming of him breaking up with his girlfriend and coming to Greece to be with me and stuff…
After some months let’s say 4 or 5 we started talking again ( we’d stopped for a while) we started talking everyday, we started going on cam and guess what he had broken up with his girlfriend and now well not now, now but in some months he’s coming in Greece to be with me :’) isn’t that awesome? I still can’t believe that it’s really happening to me!!!! I am so happyyy!

So just have some minutes every day of dreaming of what you want to happen in your life ( be careful with that though because maybe what you want now will be just the worse in the future!)

Ah and watch or read the secret! Will make you understand things better because I think that I just don’t make sense in this post haha! 

And sorry for not posting things lately i just wasn’t okay I mean i visited a lot of doctors to see what’s wrong with me but they said ”she’s okay 100% healthy” but how the hell is that possible? My heart hurts, my body too, I can’t breathe, headaches every day all day long, cough… hmm I don’t know maybe the most except of the headaches and the cough are just psychosomatic!



418964_123860377797805_987243315_nDid god create the universe? That is the question. Can scientists  explain everything that happens? Can they explain the fact that the sun, the moon, the earth, or even ourselves exist?
Well ye! They can.

This post isn’t about to make you stop believing in god or something, but to give you the chance to watch this amazing video by Stephen Hawking who is a British theoretical physicistcosmologist, and author.  I am an atheist some years now, since I started having doubts of life and having the mind to search and find the answers that I wanted, in the internet or even inside me.

If you have doubts too, I think that you will find this video very helpful and really interesting.


Finally… SPRING!!!

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a bee or something is kissing the flower haha I don't know to be honest!

a bee or something is kissing the flower haha I don’t know to be honest!

SPRING is one of the four temperate seasons.
The specific definition of the exact timing of ”spring” varies according to local climate, cultures and customs.
Spring refers to ideas of rebirth, rejuvenation, renewal, resurrection, and regrowth. 
Usually though, (in the most of countries, cultures… etc.), spring lasts 3 months just like all the rest of the seasons winter, summer and autumn (fall). These tree months are March, April and May. The ecological definition of spring relates to biological indications; the blossoming of a range of  plant spices, the special activities of the animals, or the characteristic smell of soil and flowers that finally are flourish. 
However it’s not always like that in some countries, it is still cold and it’s snowing… 
Spring also means FREEDOM to some people, cultures… etc. For example in spring the younger generation or even ourselves are going out more… and playing or just chilling with friends. It’s getting dark later so we can stay out more and WITHOUT our coats or our jackets cause hell ye! it’s not that cold any more! 
PLUS, spring is also known as the season of love ;)
I think that every season can be called as season of love…
WINTER; it’s snowing, we can go out and make snowmen or snow-angels. We drink hot chocolate sitting near the fireplace, watching movies, cuddling with your boyfriend/ girlfriend  ( if they live there….. >.< because distance is a f*****g b***h ) the only bad is that you have to

this tree was in my garden well it's still there haha

this tree was in my garden well it’s still there haha


SUMMER; The weather is extremely hot… it’s like you melting in Greece at least xD. you walking and you see boys and girls without their ordinary clothes but their swimsuits… some of them are making the atmosphere getting hotter and some others just make you to close your eyes and say ” oh my god…. Tell me that this is just a dream!!!” (No I am kidding I don’t have the perfect body either). We go out even more, going to beach bars, meeting new people… And the best? NO SCHOOOOOOOL!!!!! That’s the best thing on earth!
FALL; Well this season is a bit pointless… is just as winter but with colourful leaves and it’s not snowing… I haven’t met a person that loves  Autumn… And the leaves only help you with photography etc. 
Anyway I just saw a tree that made me want to post something about spring so here I am haha… bye see ya soon!


a lady is on the grass

a lady is on the grass


My wanna-do list!

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My wanna-do list!

1. I want to travel all over the world
2. Visit:.

•  UK;  Ireland , England ( I an gonna visit England soon because Adam is English :D ) and Scotland
•  Australia
•  Japan and China.
•  France, Paris.
•  Brazil, Rio de Janeiro.
•  USA, New York, California, Mexico, Texas etc.
• Africa
• Spain, Barcelona.
•  Bali, Thailand  and other countries or villages or whatever like that.
•  Europe; Greece ( well I live in Greece but I haven’t really travel to see how it really looks like…), Russia, Germany, Denmark, Amsterdam etc.
• Caribbean islands , Jamaica etc.

3. Get a book published.
4. Find finally a boyfriend ✔
5. Holidays.
6. Get a tattoo.
7. Skydiving.
8. Be kissed, by the Eiffel tower ( guys, I mean like being in Paris… and be kissed by your boyfriend, by the Eiffel tower)
9. Go to the biggest amusement park EVER!
10. Eat in a Chinese restaurant. ✔
11.  Bungee- jumping.
12. Jump off a high cliff into the sea.
13. Water skiing.
14. Wind surfing.
15. Surfing.
16. Go on a safari.
17. Take a ride in a hot-air balloon.
18. Ride a camel in a desert.
19. Ride a motorcycle/ motorbike.
20. Drive a Ferrari.
21. Spend a night sleeping under the stars with your boyfriend.
22. Go on holidays with your best friends or your boyfriend ( soon i will go on holiday with me best friend yayy! )
23. Go on camping.
24. Rent a motorbike and tour through Europe in the summer.
25. Snowboard. skiing.
26.  Live in a foreign country for at least 3 months.
27. Build a giant sand-castle.
28. Experience in Rio carnival.
29. Kiss a totally stranger  ✔ ( my first kiss was with a boy that I met in a bar one night… -__-  I wish i was sleeping that night.)
30.  Go skinny dipping in the sea (maybe this summer ;) who knows hehe )
31.  Go to a strip club ( oh yes… girls i know that you want to too xD)
32. ”Do it ” in the most strange places:
•  airplane ( this is gonna be  difficult )
• beach
•  night club
• toilets
• car
• kitchen
• on parents’s bed
• garden
• bathroom
•  floor
•  bed (haha after so many strange places I thought it would be good to mention that too )
• sea ( this can cause you problems because of the bacteria that exist in the sea )
•  in a playground
• changing rooms
•  cinema (not sure about that )

33. Get married ;’) (this is gonna be so cuteee especially if I will marry the person that I love so muchhhh!!! ^^ yes I talk about Adam again haha)
34. Say I love you and mean it ✔
35. Discover your life’s purpose.
36. Plant a tree and write your future family’s names on
37. Eat something raw ✔
38. Smoke joint (only once- and I am not sure about that though because if you think about it it’s pointless. Well ye I don’t know we’ll see)
39. Sell everything you own and travel. (as it seems i do really love travelling xD )
40. Dance in a pouring rain.
41. A week or more without technology. ( This is gonna be soooo difficult… the good is that i haven’t got a specific date to do all that stuff so i can do it when i will be 80 years old xD ahaha)
42. LOSE MY  VIRGINITY! (I know that the most of us want it or wanted it xD… soon ;) )
43. Kiss a boy.  ✔
44. Kiss a girl.  ✔
45. Solve a Rubik’s cube. ( I am trying ages now to do that… In the end i am  changing the colours
xD )
46. Swim with dolphins! ( i love dolphins….)
47. Ride an elephant.
48. Cross a country on a bicycle.
49.  Become a foster parent.
50. MEET ADAM! ( this August I cant wait…!!! )
52. Kiss Adam!
53. Go to a jungle ( WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE- GUNS ‘N ROSES)
54.  Live an adventure .
55. Have grandchildren.
56. Viva la Vida. ( live your life – or something like that [Spanish] xD )
57. Create a fake account.  ✔ (well not only one haha)
58. Keep talking with people from this fake profile/ account.  ✔ (well now we’re not really talking with him.)
59. Play golf.
60. Be pregnant :’)
61. Start a yoghurt war.
62. Go to the airport and take the next random flight.
36. Paint your room’s walls with a friend of yours.  ✔ ( was funny and exhausting at the same time.)
64. Meet an actor, singer etc.  ✔ ( I did meet one but he’s not one of my favourites. )
65. e-Love  ✔ ( Adam + Nina = forever together ^.^)
66. Picnic ( I love nature but in the place I live every place is full of trash and dogs’s poop xD )
67. Piercings   ✔ ( 5 ear-piercings and 1 nose piercing. )
68. Vampire fangs  ✔ ( hell ye! I have vampire fangs :D )
69. British tea  ✔ ( teas is the only drink that I do really like. Especially the British one is AMAZINGGG)
70. Run in the streets while crying ( well I don’t really know why I want to do that I just love it when it happens in the films)
71. Create a YouTube account and upload funny videos or videos of you singing ( I sing good enough).
72. Move to England!!!! ( one of my biggest dreams! I love England [ the weather, the language, the culture EVERYTHING.] I will do it one day for sure.! )


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This post is basically for my boyfriend… that guy that lives miles away from me… HE’S MY LIFE!

He’s the only one that i have ever loved so much! He makes me feel alive… he makes me understand that i still have feelings… he makes me happy, he makes me sad… but still I love him more than I love myself! I don’t know if you have ever loved someone so much to want to make him have everything… to make him happy and never sad… well it is like that… but I successfully ruin everything… I don’t know how to be the ”BEST” girlfriend.. it seems like I’m trying too much and that’s the reason I always make mistakes and I always make him feel bad… :( I hate it! I want to fix everything but… when they are fixed I ruin them again!

We arguing a lot lately and I’m so afraid not to lose him :( i want this love to last for a really long time… it’s not a temporary love… it’s not a crush… it’s something that wont ever stop existing at least not from my side! because I LOVE HIM I don’t love him just because he’s handsome or because he has amazing eyes I love HIM, his character, his personality, being with him…. everything he says or does is making me falling in love with him, more and more as the days come and go… I just want to apologise to my baby for ruining his night with his friends just because I am stupid…  SORREYYY BABYYYYY!!! I will try not to do it again! I PROMISEEE! <3 XXX I love you Adam!!! <3

Now, you can send me your love stories and i will try to give you advice :)


Déjà vu

Déjà vu,derived from French, literally “already seen”, is the phenomenon of having
the strong sensation that an event or experience currently being experienced had been experienced in the past.                                                                                           

Those who have experienced the feeling describe it as an overwhelming sense of familiarity with something that shouldn’t be familiar at all. Say, for example, you are with your friends and all of a sudden a car passes in front of you. It seems as you have seen that particular car before.

Jamais vu

Jamais vu is a French word that means ”never seen”  and is a psychology term which is used to describe familiar situations that are not recognised by the observer.

It is often described as the opposite of déjà vu. Jamais vu has a sense of eeriness and the observer feels like he/she sees the situation for the first time, but in fact he/she  has been or seen this before. When someone experiences Jamais vu, he/she doesn’t recognise a word, person or place that they already know. It is associated with types of aphasia, amnesia and epilepsy.  


Presque vu

Presque vu derives from French and it means ”almost seen” , is the sensation of being on the brink of an epiphany.Frequently when someone experiences presque vu he/she will automatically say ” it is on the tip of my tongue”.

This phenomenon is similar to the expression known as ”tip of the tongue”, a situation in which somebody cannot reminisces a familiar word or name but if he/she makes an effort the memory will be eventually back.


Déjà entendu

Déjà entendu literally means ”already heard” , is the experience of being sure that you have already heard something, even though the details are uncertain or were perhaps imagined.


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Hey guys! It’s the first time that i have my own blog the last one was with my best friend, so i’d like you to give me some ideas of posts to make…. I’d love you to send me stories or questions that you’d love them to be answered too! I am a teenager my name is Nina and I am deeply in love with a boy that lives miles away from me! THANKS!